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Write before the weekend - weeknotes #61

I’m way behind writing these notes, but that may be because I’ve got little time on my hands these days. Seems like it’s busy as is every early winter, except this year it’s a lot of child care. Don’t get me wrong: it’s really cool and relaxing to chill out in bed or do puzzles. It just leaves less time to faff around the computer.

I’ve done a bit more work composing some of the UI elements and now charts I’m creating for the French survey project (the current status of which is a bit complicated to explain). Above is a new chart type, inspired by the [State of Dataviz 2020/21], composing with highlights and pull-outs.

I like how simple it is, though React isn’t exactly terse…

There’s another chart I’d like to tell you about but… I’d really like to do so with a kind of online REPL, à la this example in Svelte-land, but for ClojureScript.

I’m actually going to stop writing these notes and get on with this week, instead of looking back. Lesson learned: write the weeknotes at least mostly before the weekend.