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Long workshops - weeknotes #58

Hello, November!

I spent most of my working hours in workshops for the Deutsche Welle, who’s been given a pot of money to work on projects related to uses of AI to fight (mis/dis)information.

Lots of people in a Teams meeting… turned out to not be so bad. Miro is an amazing tool and the workshop facilitators did a really good job of keeping the whole affair feeling snappy and quick!

I gave an interview to Amazon’s Jackson Kelley, who runs the Console newsletter. We talked about the Digital Evidence Toolkit from the perspective of open source software.

From the resulting newsletter signups, hello to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives staff. I’d love to hear about your interest in this project.

After much faffing and inability to finally decide to spend something north of two grands on a new laptop, a rental MacBook Air M1 arrived on Friday.

The straight-out-of-the-box smell of the is just like it’s always been ā€“ there’s no way these things aren’t designed, right?

Went to see No Time to Die ā€“ it had been a while since I last went to the movies. My calendar says not since October 2019.

The movie was a good laugh, and a fitting goodbye to Craig’s Bond. Everybody kicks absolute ass, but it’s not quite as the shock Casino Royale was or the mood Skyfall had about it.