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Cryptic updates and Moon things - weeknotes #56

Chaperoning the little one to her new daycare centre is coming to an end, after the successful completion of more mini milestones such as napping, saying goodbye to me in the morning, and accepting to change nappies during the day.

Staying available for several hours a day in case the all-important nap wouldn’t work was rather annoying, however. Like, 3/10 quality of work.

The highlight of the week is the start of a series of coaching sessions aiming to inform broad reflexions about whatever it is I do as an occupation.

The importance of this appears to be inversely proportional to the length of this paragraph.

Equally cryptically, one of the jobs I’m involved in (see?) is in a really weird place (you can’t make up this amount of imprecision). I don’t know if it’s dead or not, and I must wait till next week to find out.

Not ideal.


Altitude of the moon in the Berlin sky