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Very, very part-time - weeknotes #55

Second week of introductions to the new childcare centre. Fortunately, it’s moving in the right direction – excellent news since in the meantime, I’m working very very part-time.

My folks were also visiting us this week. It was such a great timing because they really could help us and got to experience first-hand why Berlin’s been so great for us as young parents, including meeting the new daycare team and getting their take on the two education systems.

Big discussions with Niko regarding refactorings with Bulma (a CSS framework) and agreeing on a strategy for using Github rather asynchronously: stacked PRs v constant rebases, particularly.

No, really, that’s about it. As I said: very part-time…


(since I’ve been hanging out in coffee shops a bit this week, I got some reading done!)