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Blowing it - weeknotes #53

One of the most significant bits of last week is that I blew a technical interview. I had never done one before but thought I could navigate my way around doing some kind of d3.js thing under time pressure.

Well, I didn’t. The task wasn’t particularly difficult but my mistake was to think I had enough React under my belt. Nope. Everything from function signatures to patterns which are literally part of the standard library evaded me.

I felt so inappropriate and kept thinking about it, thinking I’d do totally differently were I to be allowed to do it again…

In nicer news, I paired with Niko a couple of times on this ClojureScript project for Deutsche Welle. The experience was pleasant and it gave me more confidence to look a little deeper to find the bits of underlying data I could pass or state I could alter to fiddle with the app through the REPL.

That’s it for this week. Well, last week. Should really write these notes when the week ends…