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Stack jumping every day - weeknotes #51

Back to work after a week off, and now approaching a year of writing these weekly notes. I had lots of life admin stuff to do early in the week – things I had left for later after some time focusing solely on the Toolkit.

This week was the first week “after” the Toolkit, and I chopped it down into three clients.

I worked two full days for Deutsche Welle, the German broadcaster. No meetings, just logging in and doing some work. I spent this time reviewing the codebase for a project called KID, which has to do with training resources about disinformation.

It’s a ClojureScript app so this was straight in the deep end.

I’m starting from the front-of-the-frontend and bringing in sharper, more consistent styles, and working my way down the stack. Hopefully.

I dedicated one day to jumping back into a Tactical Tech project which has now been extended (and topped up). There are new ideas I want to pitch but I feel I miss a system/method to do so. One I can use by default, when a client doesn’t impose their method of working or submitting work. See below: “Mise en place for Knowledge Workers.”

And I also spent a day (well, almost) similarly getting back into Radartech, this survey and dataviz project for the French administration.

I started the Exercism Clojure track to practise the language a bit. The exercises are varied and have kept me interested so far!

Will next week be this varied, I wonder?


  • “Mise en place for knowledge workers”, by Tiago Forte of Forte Labs. Really interesting in terms of balancing new methods, tools, and constant learning with needs of expertise and efficiency, which I read from a solo freelancer’s perspective.
  • As a corollary to the above, I’ve got ”Stop learning” by Nash Vail in my list too.