👋 hi, I’m basile

Hello from the holiday side - weeknotes #49

Well, there we are: September. Closing in on a year of such weeknotes now.

I’m writing this from an iPad and gitpod.io, a web browser-based dev environment. I didn’t think we had come this far with usability, to be honest. I’ve got a REPL running on the JVM running in another tab, all the nice VSCode extensions and my own little dev environment and preferences, and I didn’t save anything when I closed the laptop Berlin and packed the iPad.

Not that I’d want to use it a great deal: the iPad without a physical keyboard is not really appropriate for dev work.

Anyway, it’s my week of holiday this week. We’re in the northern part of the Brandenburg state (very close to Angela Merkel’s childhood home, Templin). Not much will be happening besides riding the bicycle around, family time, and thinking about the autumn season and what jobs I’ll take.

Until then, 👋