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Not so momentous after all - weeknotes #48

There is no overarching theme to this week’s notes. These two weeks (this past, about which you’re reading, and this coming, during which you’re reading this) are a bit of a lull:

The grant for the Toolkit is ending but has not quite ended yet ; we’re about to go away on holiday ; and I’m contemplating being back to my previous projects in a few weeks' time.

The end of the grant will be a sort of send off, a deluge of social media promotion of our projects. Which is nice, but… One, it will all be taking place in German ; two, I’m not clear yet how sizeable is the overlap between their audience and the niche I’ve been talking to for this project.

In short: this end of August is rather less momentous than I thought it’d be.

Three things to report on the Toolkit front:

  • The last release (v.0.10.0) includes the work I’ve mentioned last week: a new docker-compose orchestration and tests, tests, tests. Thanks again Friedrich and Clément!
  • I’ve swapped the black-and-white mono fonts for a very startup-y look. Check out the website, and don’t laugh: the feedback so far is really positive. Yeah, I know…
  • And I’ve had really interesting conversations (read: kind of user interviews) with two international lawyers with experience of special tribunals (e.g. former Yugoslavia, Cambodia, Lebanon). Super interesting perspectives.

Quite a lot of maintenance on Global Witness' AWS, deleting some old junk accounts, IAM roles, policies, EC2 boxes…

Boring but will hopefully make a big difference in terms of visibility and graspability of our tools.

One of the things I’m going to come back to is Deutsche Welle, the German broadcaster. Niko and I did a pairing session to walk me through the project that’s going to pay our bills – and which, according to plan, he’s started in ClojureScript.

I’m really grateful for this real-world opportunity to spend time learning something. Sounds like it’s going to be a biggie!