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The beginning of the end - weeknotes #47

This week felt like the beginning of the end of my grant dedicated to working on the Digital Evidence Toolkit. There were two internal deadlines having to do with public comms that will take place over the next two weeks, which meant that there was quite a lot to rush through so it would make MVP.

Time to relax, then? Well, I’m not so sure. This coming week is busy with pitch meetings and I’ve got the feeling it’s actually only the easy part that’s ending now: in two weeks I’ll be out there with what I’ve built, other jobs to do and no booked time to focus on the Toolkit anymore.

I’m rather one to believe that things go as far as you push them – let’s see how much I’ll keep pushing this one.

Back in the trenches, I pulled a few favours in order to go a bit beyond the bare minimum:

  • Friedrich helped with architecturing things in a Docker world and by having none of my “how about we do this later, it’s not that important” shit
  • and Clément let loose with introducing unit and integration tests as a way to get to know his new OS ahead of starting a new job next week. Bon vent!

There were other work things happening this week, I think.

I’m talking with Deutsche Welle to settle on a time commitment that suits everyone, as I’d like to keep time un-booked from September to December. Harder than I thought it would be!

And for Global Witness, I had a play with implementing some health reporting from one of our active endpoints through a TypeScript Lambda running on a schedule. We’ll see if these mini tools still please me when they have to be maintained…

My quest for 1x1km “tiles” has moved along a little bit this week – here are the ones I visited:

screenshot of Berlin map with visited “tiles” highlighted