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Expect not too much personal news - weeknotes #46

Second-to-last business week before submitting the v1.0 deliverables for the Digital Evidence Toolkit. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s all I did this week.

Last week, I wrote:

Turns out I’m being asked to show the product a lot. My answer so far is that it’s visually un-interesting and that the value proposition is in the technicalities more than in the design. Still, I feel I should oblige.

To help me with this, I commissioned La Loma, a Berlin-based design agency whose visual vocabulary I really love. They came highly recommended by folks around the Tactical Tech group.

Can’t wait to see what this will look like!

The latest newsletter is out! As for the previous ones, I’m trying to sharpen the answer as to why this project came to be. And in this issue, we’re discussing metadata.

I got a bit of feedback on the writing after it went out, and am happy to receive more :)

In the trenches, three main tasks this week:


And I’m plugging away at the final piece of the puzzle: the verification of an archive.

And finally, the personal things section. I was sick for a full day-and-a-bit, and now I’ve passed it on so I didn’t manage to clock in quite as much exercise as I wanted. But hey, I played a bit of polo before getting real sick, so I call this a win.