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Second shot, missed tile - weeknotes

I got to visit the Berlin Velodrom, though not to dawdle and look at pretty track bikes but to receive my second shot. In keeping with my life story so far, I received the Pfizer/BionTech (🇩🇪) after a first injection of Astra (🇬🇧).

Spent a work day at a new coworking in Neukölln, with an AC, a pantry full of fruits and drinks, and a symmetrical gigabit connection. As I wrote before: it’s the leaving to work and the being away at work that feels different.

A good deal of work done on the Digital Evidence Toolkit. From the latest newsletter: “Our idea”, I revamped the homepage so it reads more detailed than before (hopefully).

I’m also working on a strand of work which aims to support the editing of additional metadata about a record. Say you save a webpage or something – you may want to add some free text or tags or whatnot. This data isn’t part of the the record itself, but I see a place for it nevertheless.

Blast from earlier this year: the Tactical Tech project I used to wrangle with is back on the table: the boss wants it finished soon-ish. That’s going to be a bit difficult for me.

So instead we’re looking at expanding it a little bit, and someone may be dangling a carrot of an upcomging Amsterdam exhibition to motivate the troops…

I went riding and tilebagging at the weekend. It’s the activity consisting in visiting as many contiguous 1x1km “tiles” as possible. Always gives you somewhere to ride, you see.

Well, I got lost in the forest and thus missed a tile, then on the way back I forgot I had to follow the satnav to a tee and missed the pontoon that would have given me that otherwise rather aquatic tile.

Ah well, I’ll have to go back…

Wait, August??!