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Back to Germany - weeknotes #43

Wow, this feels like the beginning of the week was a really long time away. We’re now back in Berlin and getting in the groove again. We’ve got daycare, I’ve got my work setup and my bikes.

Earlier this week, on our last evening in France, we even had our second evening out while my parents looked after the little one.

I sinked more than a half-day on debugging an issue with Gatsby. The (local) dev workflow was all working fine, but the build was crapping out. As it often happens, I ended up reading a laaaaarge number of tangentially-related things, before stumbling upon this GitHub issue, which was my fix.

Inspecting very closely the build output would have surfaced the extraneous files much earlier ā€“ but the bug hadn’t cropped up so far.

Said hi to Friedrich (who appears to be a .org) and to Niko. The latter rather heartlessly brought bad news regarding how easy two features of the Digital Evidence Toolkit would be to implement.

Unbeknownst to me, .mhtml is a dead format walking, so that’s my idea to use it to store a one-document archive in this format out of the window.

And for the weekend, I rode my bike and saw some friends. My map of visited 1x1km “tiles” is shaping up!