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Short week shot note - weeknotes #42

Once again, hello from France, though from quite a bit more South than previously. It’s been pouring for the last three weeks in Lyon, so we drove down to la Drôme provençale: the bit in between Lyon and the Riviera/Marseille, a lovely and quiet piece of nature.

Coaching session on Thursday. We moved from “North Star” metrics we set last time to road-mapping.

The end of the grant period is nigh, and having an external point of view on the schedule and the MVP bucket list.

Things are moving on RadarTech, which is now not only a survey of technical folks working for the French administration, but also a bit of a tool to create and run surveys. More time got commissioned to take us through the summer and well into November 2021.

What started as a quick hit turned into the longest-running contract I’ve had so far!

Fingers crossed everything goes well and we’ll be back in our Berlin rhythm next I write these notes!