👋 hi, I’m basile

The least work-y note in a while - weeknotes #40

Still in France. We’re trying to find a rhythm with my folks who in fairness are doing their best to help us with looking after the little one. Despite our excellent relationship, it can be frustrating at times.

But for all the interruptions and short-notice changes of plans, two great things happened this week.

One, I got to spend one night and almost two full days in Paris. My work appointments fell through last minute but I guess I only had more time to spend with my friends, so no harm done. 👋 Paul

Two, my folks sorted us out with concert tickets and a corker of a restaurant reservation. No dinner to look after, no bedtime stories to read… just a few hours with nothing to worry about. Bliss!

And on the work front, I finished and merged the large refactor PR of the Digital Evidence Toolkit: #15 - Typings.

“Like layers of an onion” I said last week.

Next week I hope to make some progress with planning the two months ahead before the grant period ends.

And 🤞 to have a few words out on the newsletter!