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Like layers of an onion - weeknotes #39

This note comes to you from France, where my little family has relocated for the next few weeks as a way to deal with the summer closure of the daycare centre.

There are worst places in the world to seek help from the family. Particularly since my dad has bought himself (or so he thinks) a gravel bike.

It took me a while since we worked with Niko on this for a whole afternoon, but I’ve now put up the pull request into the Digital Evidence Toolkit that brings functional elements and namespacing to the codebase.

This way of organising code is new to me, and it’s the first time I get to apply this thinking in terms of data flow and of layers of an onion, with side effects and interfaces on the outer layers.

All with work almost at net zero additions 🙌

I had another coaching session with Zero360 about the Digital Evidence Toolkit. The coach walked me through some exercises to end up at a “North Star metric”, and the way there was quite interesting.

The questions seem simple, but when they’re asked of you, live on video, it’s not always that simple and clear in your head!

Excellent conversation with Global Witness. As I wrote before, I’ve cut costs so much that the lowest hanging fruit to go further is to reduce my own hours!

Six months into this gig, I thought it was time for a bit of a reset, and I’ll now be formulating an end of year goal to expand my support of the team further. Something a little bit more ambitious than staying abreast of what this team is up to.

I’ve noticed I’ve actually specialised quite a bit and that while I’m very plugged in to what the newsroom dev/ dataviz person could find useful, I often need a bit more of a catchup when it’s about my colleagues who focus a lot more on data and investigations.

As an external consultant and contributor to this team, I feel really pleased and grateful I was listened to, particularly since I needed to air a bit of frustration.

Our short-term neighbour (read: sublet) left a Fender acoustic guitar in the hall. The same I’ve got at my folks, though mine is sunburst, which as we know is cooler. I hadn’t touched a guitar in such a long time my partner didn’t even know I could play.

Now me and the little one are practicing our scales and chords together.