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Waldzweisamkeit - weeknotes #38

It was really hot. Nobody at home was feeling well. Didn’t do a huge amount of work, if I’m honest.

In a sudden burst of Waldzweisamkeit, I spent quite a few evenings in the forest, my local gravel cycling trails, so to speak. It’s a nice place for a quiet drink in the evening, though the hunt for cool temperatures last week was a lost cause.

We all got our first dose of the Covid vaccine, just in time for our travels to France the coming week.

I had to give a short, three-minute demo of the Digital Evidence Toolkit software to a limited audience of Prototype grantees. I was a little nervous and spoke too quickly, and I’m a bit saddened I didn’t finish a big chunk of work ahead of demoing it.

It’s essentially the user story that goes: “I’m a prosecutor and I’ve been handed over this hard drive with material on it, as well as this recipe for proving its provenance and origin. What do I do?” I don’t know yet how I want this look and feel, but I want to nail this down soon.

I had a good chat to Chris from Airwars about cloud v local storage, managed v self-hosted services. It was excellent user feedback, and I hope to settle on a solution soon.

We also had a full day of pair work with Niko, which I’m still processing. I’m moving all these little things into a nice pull request which I hope to get to this week. It was a very interesting programming exercise and an eye-opener to a different programming discipline.