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Spanner in the works - weeknotes #37

Well, this is yet another note I end up publishing on Monday morning. I should probably aim for a different schedule: it doesn’t seem like I can make Friday evenings most weeks.

In my defense, it was a difficult week. The little one had an eye infection thing which meant no daycare. We took it as a bit of a challenge and while both of us did some work, my overall feeling is that I spent the week coping with the bits and bobs that needed doing right now while being constantly interrupted.

So that’s that. Sometimes it’s not all rosy.

After three weeks only, I gave back the temporary office-flat I had hired for a month. Too much of a home to be a proper office… but not my home at all, so I’m not free to reorganise the whole place.

My main takeaway is that going off to the place you work is cool and helpful in all kinds of ways. But this flat wasn’t what I want my office to be.

With this renewed commitment to my home office, I set out to sort the networking situation. The modem-router from Vodafone wasn’t able to handle having old devices (Thinkpad, old smartphones) on the Wifi channels, and parts of the flat are no-go zones for video calls.

Or rather: “were no-go zones.”

On friends' recommendations I bought some UniFi gear and voila, here I am writing you from the future of prosumer gear. It’s worth it, people.

Thanks to my efforts and the team’s discipline, we received our lowest AWS bill ever for the Data and Investigations team at Global Witness. Next best thing to do to cut costs: cutting me. Er…