šŸ‘‹ hi, Iā€™m basile

Excellent week! It was the return of our nanny after two weeks off, and it’s fair to say we were all very, very happy to have her again.

Just as the week was tailing off, Charles asked if I could do a little extra for the Bureau Local about yet another very interesting story. More on this when it’s finally out.

For now, I get to audit their data and methodology, as well as to review some Python code.

Picking apart some else’s thought so as to understand it is a really fun exercise, and I’m happy The Bureau find it valuable too. I’ve written about the difficulties of specialist, technical profiles in journalism and (without tooting my own horn too much) getting external help is one solution to this isolation.

In keeping with the flow of nice news, I’ve got a date booked for the fitting of my 5G antenna and Covid-19 immunisation.

In brief, because I’m writing this on a Sunday evening: