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Touch-and-go week - weeknotes #35

Bit of a special week which was all, as per the headline, touch-and-go. Monday was a public holiday in Germany, then my partner and I alternated looking after the little one during the afternoons as our nanny was off. Throw in an occasional errand and a walk-in doctor’s appointment and you’ve got a rather weird week!

We had nevertheless decided to keep to our “sprint” plan with the Deutsche Welle, which kept me busy most of the week. We’ve improved the workflow a lot since last time: most notably we’ve reduced the “contact hours” of video meetings…

There’s now going to be quite a bit of soul-searching regarding what I want my relationship with them to be. More on this later…

I was working from a new place: a small flat in Kreuzberg, not too far from home. I could ride there in minutes and ran back-and-forth a couple of times, which doesn’t amount to much but still: it’s the commute break that counts.

I worked from an (old) Thinkpad and an iPad with bluetooth headsets for long calls and resource-heavy software (👋 MS Teams). Which meant I could close my laptop, head out, after work.

It had been a while.

Good evening progress while my partner socialised with colleagues tracking PST:

I moved forward with the backend of the Digital Evidence Toolkit and its interfacing with the ledger, so I can list all records and insert new records, which also works from the browser extension.

I’m also trying ai/nanoid while I’m at it: it boasts being four times as small as uuid/v4 and quite a bit faster. I’ve enlisted the help of someone who knows about IETF and RFCs, because I really don’t.

Soon, hopefully: pushing screenshots, which means fiddling with storage of documents.