šŸ‘‹ hi, Iā€™m basile

Note with personal notes - weeknotes #34

If everything went well, you should be reading an HTML document served from a new place. Scaleway are discontinuing the small 4-ARM-CPU, dedicated instance this website called home for the last five to seven years.

I’m a little sad to see you go, C1 šŸ‘‹

In other personal news, we had the support of my parents this week, who came to stay with us this week. They helped us clock in full working days (minus the many coffee breaks) in exchange for lovely family dinners.

They tested negative for Covid so they’re flying home tomorrow. Sadly.

I reconnected with a buddy from London who, surprisingly, is staying in Berlin for a few weeks. I hadn’t seen him since… before we moved to Berlin, before we left the UK, before Covid hit, and before my daughter was born.

We had a quick drink in the park in front of my house, where I usually go to the playground with the little one.

Such a great moment.

Some good things at Global Witness, mostly on the cost-cutting front and getting our AWS infrastructure in order. Nothing huge to report on.

Some top progress on the Digital Evidence Toolkit front, mostly to do with approaching the putting-pen-to-paper moment. I know that at least one person spotted an important milestone PR on the GitHub org: #2: Support insertion of records in the ledger


No, seriously, go outside and get some fresh air.