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Deutsche Welle sprint - weeknotes #31

I worked all week on a sprint for Deutsche Welle, in company of three other people ā€“ including Niko.

The sprint format isn’t exactly my favourite thing in the world, and it’s all kinds of equally terrible on video conference.

Nevertheless we got quite a bit done on the KID project, which is a gamified verification challenge aiming to teach the ropes to media-curious people. Think reverse-image search, geolocation, and all round skepticism about digital media encountered online.

We spent a couple of days working in Figma and I won’t hesitate to reach for this tool again: the whole experience was really flawless and smooth, and it felt that even graphics (read: Illustrator) regulars were able to find their nifty settings in there.

Tickets for France booked!

What do you do when daycare is closed and you need to work? My folks are going to give us a hand and ā€“ fingers crossed ā€“ things will be better on the Covid front so we’ll visit friends.

And even if we don’t, I’m happy enough we can travel this way and stay in one place for a long time thanks to our job and the support of others.

I missed our fortnightly call with Thomas šŸ˜ž