👋 hi, I’m basile

30th weeknote 🤘

Second week of the “new normal”, my partner having started working again. All clear, it’s been good fun so far, and we’re not suffering from the emergency daycare measures for the little one. Fingers crossed it stays like this!

Quite a bit of work on the Digital Evidence Toolkit:

If by chance you know anything about any of that, please be in touch.

There were a few introductions and team calls with Deutsche Welle this week. The terms of this engagement are rather loosely defined… so I need to find my footing and set my boundaries: will this be my main gig, the job that defines me – or will this be but one client among others for me?

Ahead of next week, I worked two half-days with Global Witness instead of one. Ben and I worked on an endpoint passing on subscriber details to a third-party, without it ever touching our disks.

While I’ve always been alright at resisting joining This Slack For That and That Discord For This, I have to admit that as I meet more and more clients, the channels of communications are multiplying.

Ideally, I could federate these channels into an email client that speaks IMAP (my trusty Thunderbird, for example) – but it seems that everywhere the IT masters are catching up with remote working and rolling out all-included Office365 solutions.