šŸ‘‹ hi, Iā€™m basile

End of the longer-than-expected Tactical Tech rush. It’s in soft-launch and there are still types to harmonise, spacing to tighten and layouts to tweak ā€“ but overall we’re almost there.

I felt confident enough to announce that I wouldn’t be working full-time on this and that I would now do the polishing part-time and from structured feedback as I needed to attent to other matters (and start billing elsewhere).

šŸŽ‰, I guess!

Our Global Witness microservice and endpoint must have a static IP to talk to a third-party API, so that’s my serverless setup out of the window because I don’t want to mess with NAT and VPCs for this. It just feels too complex for my skills and the time that I can allocate to this job.

I did some IT hoop-jumping and was rewarded, joy oh joy, with access to Deutsche Welle’s instance of Confluence, Microsoft Teams, and whatever IBM system for webmail.

We’re planning a couple of week-long sprints on a verification project in April and May.

There’s a job I’m being asked to do, but my schedule is tight this year and I’ve been thinking about doing it in partnership with someone. There’s a number of ways we could split the work (and the money).

I should keep a kind of roster of folks I could reach out to when these occasions arise. If you have experience doing this, could you reach out?