šŸ‘‹ hi, Iā€™m basile

The little one now needs a negative Covid quick test if she’s got cold/flu symptoms to attend daycare. For those not well-versed in baby deets, this includes a runny nose or a cough and that’s, well, very often for a one-year-old when it’s 5C outside.

Kitas are closing Monday after next, and we’ll go back to “emergency care” until further notice. Unclear what that means in terms of how many hours they’ll take her…

I’m still working almost full-time on the Tactical Tech project, which has about two weeks to go. That’s the moment where data, programming and editorial choices really all collide.

Observable notebooks are proving very helpful tools allowing me to quickly tweak sketches while sharing my screen over video.

The project will bring in a mix of static SVGs and code-driven charts, with ever-so-fiddly annotation layers overlaid. If I have got time, I will look into how I could combine static files with Svelte to drive some of the styles from the JS side.

In my chase of focus time, I went as a guest to Factory, a hip Berlin coworking space/startup place-to-be which has a privacy policy to get in.

It was my first time back in an office ā€“ though one that has a ball pit. I can’t say it didn’t feel a little odd having actual people (strangers!) around.

And while I was only mere minutes away from home, I was wholly unavailable to help with daily things and baby duties. Felt nice, might do it again.

AWS things at Global Witness. Resisting the urge to try to write that small microservice in ClojureScript.

A bit of spring cleaning in my dotfiles, which have recently grown a little to accommodate flavours of Svelte, Clojure(Script) and Org-Roam.

Applying the actual use-package syntax across several functions (:keyword (value)), I noticed from the inconsistencies between many of the snippets I gathered when putting these bits of config together that I wasn’t the only one who had not read use-package’s documentation.

I attended Bastien’s Atelier Blue Hat, which had to do with using and promoting open source software and licenses in Europe and in the public service.

Following this, Bastien announced a new open source licence for public service codebases, to force other administration to contribute back to the software they use: the Great Libre Open Source Software.

Here’s the announcement ā€“ do note the publication date. Full disclosure: I fell for it.