👋 hi, I’m basile

26th weeknotes, published on March 26. Well, maybe March 27, actually, who knows?

It’s been a crazy week, I thought today was the 23rd.

The little one had a bout of fever. That meant hospital, being shouted at profusely, and quite frankly ridiculous nights.

The funny thing with these occasions is how quickly your priorities redefine themselves. For example, I’m very much up against the clock for Tactical Tech but I can tell you I chose the extra sleep this morning – and I would do it again.

Unrelated to the very temporary stressful and sleepless situation, I’m thinking about scouting out a workplace for a couple of weeks. I really need some focus if I mean to deliver.

And as an echo to the point above about priorities: this may mean not being available to help and in touch with how the household is doing.

The new Datajournalism Handbook was published this week! It was a huge effort drawing on 73 authors and is one of the first things I ever read about datajournalism and that we go through every year with my students at City.

I contributed a chapter called “Coding with data in the newsroom” (the title got edited, okay) and is about the challenges faced by technical types in a newsroom environment. I’ll write a short blog outlining what I wrote shortly.

I had to say no to the Bureau (of Investigative Journalism), who put out a widely picked up investigation into the pay of Deliveroo riders ahead of the company’s IPO. As previously, Charles wanted me to audit their methodology, code, and data.

Unfortunately, I had so little time to spare over the weekend I couldn’t do it. I took an hour off the books to chat through thoughts, but it felt weird saying no to them.

And some good news about RadarTech: we’re looking into adding more time to my booking 🤘, and I worked out the Gatsby way of generating an arbitrary number of pages and routes from a list of objects.

It’s nice when things work out.