šŸ‘‹ hi, Iā€™m basile

How is it Friday already? Where did this week go?

I finally (and somewhat belatedly) announced the funding and start of the Digital Evidence Preservation Toolkit, which I’m very excited about.

Please read the above post, and there’s also a newsletter I’ll try to keep up-to-date.

Further trimming down on infrastructure at Global Witness Data and Investigations. I’m archiving and republishing two projects which currently run in a multi-parts docker-compose and on their own EC2 boxes.

Not straightforward.

Also not a pleasure to need to reinstall all the tools of the day (I’m looking at you, bower and grunt).

Some changes in the requirements for RadarTech: we’re wondering if we could produce n surveys instead of just the one… and mix them up with a common set of questions. Makes sense if you’re addressing different audiences.

I’m looking at how we’d do this the Gatsby way by leveraging static server-side rendering of the GraphQL queries. Ideally, I wouldn’t write/create n pages with similar furniture but rather a template and queries that Gatsby then compiles into my routes and pages.

I shall keep on fiddling.

The project has been pushed another half-year down the line, so there is time.

How do other freelancers deal with this, by the way? I didn’t estimate my days to cater for such lenghtening of the deadlines, and I find difficult to “tune back in” to a project you’ve been off for weeks.