Building - a field report, two years on

Monitoring at Airwars
Strike by strike

belgian pres
uk raf tweet

Part 1:

bombings screenshot
code screenshot

defensive programming


Part 2:

in case of doubt...
blame the maths

=sum(filter(Civcas!$I$2:$I, Civcas!$R$2:$R=$A4, Civcas!$A$2:$A>=B$1, Civcas!$A$2:$A<=B$2))


know your nerd
i.e. "not your IT guy"

time frames and deadlines

Part 3:
Working alone

fix your bus factor

Image courtesy of Adam Prescott

nobody to check your work
=> seek help!

learning on your own

fight loneliness:
stay close

Thank you

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