Monitoring at Airwars - strike by strike

Monitoring at Airwars
Strike by strike

55 confirmed deaths (by the US)
Official casualty rate: 0.383%

‘The precision that we have used in this campaign is unprecedented in the history of warfare, and it means that we have minimized the loss of innocent life. And we've accomplished all of this with an enemy that wraps itself around the civilian populations.’
- US Secretary of the Air Force Deborah James, August 2015
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Part 1:
Getting the data

OSINT + Civcas

case study

How we grade alleged incidents

  • Confirmed: Where the Coalition or Russia has accepted responsibility for the killing of non-combatants or allied forces in an event
  • Fair: Reasonable level of public reporting of an incident from two or more credible sources (often with biographical or photographic evidence). Crucially, also confirmed Coalition or Russian strikes in the near vicinity.
  • Weak: Single source claims. Even so, may feature good detail from a reputable source, with airstrikes also confirmed in the vicinity.
  • Contested: Claims of both Coalition/ Russian and Iraqi or Syrian aircraft having carried out strikes.
  • Disproven: Where our researchers or others can demonstrate those killed were combatants; where no Coalition strike took place at a location; or where an incident did not result in civilian casualties
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The militaries

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We've never known so much

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Part 2:
Using the data



named civilian victims of alleged Coalition strikes


named civilian victims of claimed Russian strikes

Military data

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