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Announcing the Digital Evidence Toolkit


I’m very exited to announce that the Digital Evidence Preservation Toolkit is being funded by the Prototype Fund, a joint venture of the Open Knowledge Foundation and of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research!

Every day, dedicated investigative journalists and human rights monitors scour the Web in search of proof of abuse, wrongdoing, and crime. The material they gather is at risk of being ruled inadmissible and dismissed out of hand in court.

Ahead of verification and authenticity concerns, preserving this material appropriately is a difficult problem drawing on several technically-advanced fields: from the high standards of the maintenance of the chain of custody to the cost of storage, the need for accessibility and availability of the material years into the future, the challenges are considerable ā€“ and a lot for one organisation to take on.

The Digital Evidence Toolkit is an advocacy project bringing together scholars, experts, practitioners and activists.

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