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Thomson Reuters

Graphics editor at Reuters Graphics.

Lecturer in Interactive Journalism, City University

Helping future digital journalists make their way through DOM nodes, dirty datasets, and the bonkerness of R syntax. All module resources can be found on Github.

Projects, past employment, etc.

The Times and Sunday Times

Newsroom developer then Senior interactive journalist at The Times and Sunday Times, producing bespoke interactive content and data-visualisations. Some more details about important projects are on Medium.

Monitoring coalition airstrikes against so-called Islamic State (Daesh) in Iraq and Syria. Tracking civilian casualties. Archiving war reports. And counting the numbers. In partnership with Chris Woods.
Don’t miss our website.

BBC News Labs

Hacking around, prototyping, driving innovation in News. Chatting around, public speaking. Solving problems, breaking workflows, making folks’ jobs more interesting by automating the boring.
Examples here, and some others here.

Twitter Tools

A collection of tools to monitor deleted tweets, automate screenshotting, and archiving. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to get away with deleting things that are in the public interest/domain.
Read why and how and grab the tools from the Github repo.

Naming The Dead interactive

An interactive graphics visualising US drone strikes victims in Afghanistan and Pakistan identified by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s Naming the Dead project.
Article and visualisation on the Bureau’s website, code and data on Github.


A proof-of-concept software to monitor changes in a dataset… with journalistic criteria in mind. Expect some Javascript and bugs.
Read on Source or have a look at the Github repo.


A tiny radio FM transmitter hacked on a Raspberry Pi, which can interact with a webapp to broadcast local content. Bring the web on air, create your own local radio!
Hacked during Al Jazeera’s hackathon in Qatar, with Thomas Parisot and Alexandre Vallette. The code is on Github.

The bedroom tax trap

An FOI-led investigation into the consequences of the spare-room subsidy on the council housing stock in London, for Help Me Investigate and the Centre for Investigative Journalism.
Final project for the MA Multimedia Journalism, Westminster university.



  • “Greatest Impact and Distruption” and “Best Diffusion” awards for tinyfm - Al Jazeera Canvas Media in Context, Doha, Qatar
  • Winner with Le 6 Mai 2012 and Pancarte.js - Popathon, Mozilla Paris, France
  • Participated in Tribeca Hacks Story Matter - CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Failed to do something worth mentioning at many others


@basilesimon on Twitter, or basile (at) basilesimon (dot) fr

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