šŸ‘‹ hi, Iā€™m basile

Our nanny broke her toe at the weekend, so we were on our own on Monday, and didn’t know about Tuesday until late in the morning, leaving us to contemplate how fragile our ability to do a day’s work seems now.

Catchup with Bastien about dataviz for RadarTech, and design of the project in general. “Reach out when you need me to decide something that helps you pick a general direction over another," he said. If all my clients could be this helpful!

Contributed to Ben’s project to stand up a proper stack for interactives at Global Witness, which has to integrate with editing workflows and the CMS. It’s ambitious but Ben’s got some really nice building bricks together already.

Ahead of the conversations with the website and CMS people, the idea was to max out performance and delivery. So I had a play with CloudFront, AWS' in-house CDN offering. Verdict: 30-50% faster than static assets from a Svelte app stored in an S3 bucket. šŸ˜³

So, Niko has joined Deutsche Welle’s Research and Cooperation team, and we’re now discussing how I could help their projects having to do with verification.

I also emphasised I’d be keen on their accessibility and performance in dataviz work strands, but if I’m honest I’d be interested in quite a few things if it’s with them and Niko.

I mean just look at that team!

My in-laws are in town for a few days – the pandemic made us miss St Nicholas Day (huge in these parts), Christmas (also huge), and the little one’s birthday (they haven’t seen her in months).

Much wine drinking to catch up with, so that’s it for this week!